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Walking Every Season Together

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The WEST Project is about Walking Every Season Together

Our Vision

To actively work for the growth and well being of all people, in and through the powerful avenue of sport. 

Our Mission

To encourage and empower coaches and administrators by walking every season with them as consultants and advocates. To impact student athletes and teams positively. To address significant issues in our world in a way that brings people together and moves us all forward. To offer opportunities to encourage and uplift underserved children through sport.


The WEST Project is about Wisdom, Work and Wellness.

We will work to move the relational needle towards deeper connection and greater self and other awareness.  We will provide a path to improved mental health and wellness for all. We will provide a wisdom informed process and tools that improve team culture and release people to play and coach in greater joy and freedom. 

Our Enneagram workshops are designed to enhance team culture by growing self-awareness and teaching empathy. We believe performance and overall team chemistry can be improved when athletes understand their own needs and motivations and are willing to seek to understand their teammates and coaches as well.  The layers of wisdom in the enneagram can help both on the court and off. They provide life giving help that can impact each person far beyond their college years.


Our Culture and Belonging workshops are designed to address difficult questions and issues around racism, sexism, implicit bias and how to have hard conversations and emerge with greater trust and understanding for each other. We teach how to lean into conflict as a positive opportunity to gain and give respect and grow a deeper sense of belonging for all.


Our clinics for underserved children are offered to benefit both the children and their community, and the teams and coaches who travel to serve them.  As athletes and coaches connect with these young people around the world they will grow in compassion and empathy for others, and gratitude for their own lives.  The children in turn recognize love and care in the eyes of people they look up to and can be inspired and encouraged to continue to grow in self-esteem and hope. These clinics tend to change all our lives for the better.

WEST: Who We Are
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