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Walking Every Season Together

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The WEST Project is about Walking Every Season Together.  Our work involves the focused effort of the "Women of the WEST" which includes our Executive Leadership Board as well as WEST Associates.   

Our Vision

To listen, learn, love and actively work for the growth and well being of all people, in and through the powerful avenue of sport. 

Our Mission

To encourage and empower coaches and administrators by walking every season together. To impact student athletes and teams positively. To enhance our ability to have important, hard conversations and increase our respect and understanding of all people. To strongly engage with significant issues in our world in a way that brings people together and moves us all forward.


The three pillars of the WEST Project are Wisdom, Work and Wellness


Our founding team is made up of women from diverse backgrounds, gifting, professions and seasons of life.  We have years of experience and hearts to listen, share and learn.  We walk and talk together, work and share life, and grow in wisdom. Standing together against injustice, teaching and coaching the next generation,  leading and affecting change, all require deep wisdom.  


We believe in doing the work.  We will work to encourage and empower people in sport. We will model effective conversations, create resources, offer mentoring opportunities, run retreats and seminars, and connect people.  Our team will create written and video material that enhances conversations and provides guidance for coaches, leaders, executives and professionals in the world of sport. We will stand against racism and social injustice.  We will work for and encourage the under resourced, to provide avenues of advancement and empowerment.  



Recognizing the need for greater understanding and focus on mental health, and the tendency at times to disregard our own well being, we desire to provide resources and deepen our conversations around wellness.  As leaders, we can tend to care for everyone else first, often disregarding our own needs.  Our programs and resources will include an emphasis on rest, self-care, practical applications and wisdom regarding mental, spiritual, relational and physical health.  We desire to walk with leaders, and those they lead.

WEST: Who We Are
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