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Cori Close - UCLA
Head Coach Women's Basketball 

Sperry LB ucla 2023.jpeg

"If you are looking for someone to teach and promote self-awareness and build true team connection, look no further!  Debbie's knowledge and passion for the Enneagram, coupled with her love for people and her warm and inviting teaching style makes her an invaluable asset to ANY team.  Debbie creates a safe and supportive space for learning and growing, allowing players, coaches and staff members to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and each other, ultimately improving communication, collaboration and productivity."

Shannon LeBeauf

Associate Head Coach

UCLA Women's Basketball

"The WEST Project provided us with an opportunity to dive deeper into the relationships between teammates.  The exercises and guidance from Debbie allowed our players to cut through the surface level stuff and get deeper into the personal matters that really shape individual personalities.  Our team learned so much about each other and that deeper connection helped us navigate so many challenges throughout the year.


I would recommend the WEST Project because it focuses on sustainable, relationship building concepts that can be utilized throughout an entire season and collegiate career.  There are so many layers to this program that the material never gets old, and there is always something new to challenge and strengthen the relationships of teammates and coaches.


I saw our team and my staff grow after time with the WEST Project in the longing to build deeper connections and the willingness to be vulnerable and trusting of each other, that was the biggest impact and I believe it will be a lasting impact.


If you are looking for a way to learn more about the people in your program and on your team consider inviting the WEST Project to design a program for your department or teams. They helped us find a common language, a way to build trust, a way to encourage vulnerability and connection, and to find a common purpose that goes beyond success on the court.”

Bart Brooks

Head Coach

Belmont University

Women's Basketball

Bart Brooks.jpeg
Belmont WBB 2022-23.jpeg

"The WEST Project has been such a benefit to our team culture as it has helped us dig deeper in conversation about things that matter.  It has helped us establish a strong foundation that has brought out our best synergy on the court but more importantly establishing trusting, supportive relationships that will last well beyond their basketball careers."

Kirsten Moore

Westmont College

Head Coach Women's Basketball

Kirsten Moore Westmont.jpeg

"For any coach or administrator looking for a fresh perspective on team growth, developing inclusivity, and creating connection within your organization you should definitely check out the women of the WEST Project! Their approach and delivery are unique and creative, and they will keep you on your toes while you learn about yourself and the ties we have with one another. I would especially recommend this group for anybody attacking a rebuild situation or looking to re-establish your daily culture.  You won't be disappointed!"

Maria Marchasano PFW 2022-23.webp

Maria Marchesano
Purdue Fort Wayne University
Head Coach Women's Basketball

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"The WEST Project provided us with guidance and support, facilitating constructive discussions among our staff and student-athletes.  They listened to our specific goals and delivered beyond our expectations.  Their experience in the industry coupled with a unique ability to connect with our team helped our coaches and administrators grow throughout the year we spent consulting with them.  I saw a heightened sense of self-awareness and an even deeper respect for one another through participating in the WEST Project workshops.


If you are looking to build confidence, cohesion, and understanding, I would without hesitation recommend your athletic department invest in hiring the WEST Project." 

Kelley Hartley Hutton

Athletic Director

Purdue Fort Wayne University


"After having the WEST Project work with our team, our coaching staff has a much better understanding of how to motivate our team. Additionally, we have already seen such an increased bond between team members and a new depth in relationships because of the time we spent with the WEST Project."

Lauren Mascaro

Vanguard University

Head Coach Women's Soccer

"The WEST Project provided us with a tremendous team building experience.  We spent time learning about the Enneagram and how our team can use the information to better communicate and build trust! Very practical and useful insight!  Debbie Haliday is one of a kind and her commitment to helping our team grow has been consistent and incredibly helpful. I find myself reaching out to her for wisdom and insight on our team.  

If you are looking for a partner to help navigate team dynamics and communication, the WEST Project can design a program for you.  They helped us grow, learn, and build a solid foundation that we will continue to build on with help from the WEST Project."

Charity Elliott

Point Loma Nazarene University

Head Coach Women's Basketball

charity elliott point loma .jpeg
POINT LOMA WBB 2022-23.jpg

"Working with the WEST Project was a great experience for our program. My goal was to provide the athletes with a framework to build a championship culture. Debbie and Dr. Gin created immediate buy-in with our team. The WEST Project made complex topics easily understandable and shared actionable strategies for our team to implement. Our student-athletes not only enjoyed the experience but have now taken the lead of culture building! The entire staff is looking forward to continued collaboration with The WEST Project for many seasons to come."


Alex Carradine

Director of Cross Country and Track & Field 

Purdue University Fort Wayne

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