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About Us

The WEST Project

WEST, standing for Walk Every Season Together, is your partner in fostering winning sports cultures. Since 2020, we've used our unique background as former athletes and coaches to deliver personalized team building and self-awareness programs. Our services, ranging from Enneagram sessions to international sports clinics, are designed with coaches and athletic directors in collegiate sports in mind.

We're not just consultants, we're part of your team.

It can be challenging to provide NIL opportunities for our athletes while continuing to also  give them opportunities to grow their hearts and their desire to give back and serve others. We want to help!  We can facilitate community service opportunities in the form of youth clinics and/or other avenues of service.  Donors receive nonprofit tax write offs for donations to your program via TWP, and we are able to compensate your athletes for the work they do serving as WEST Project ambassadors.   

Connect with us to learn more about these NIL programs...

EST Seasons
One, Two & Three
are posted!

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Our Host

Asha Franklin

Asha is an athletics professional with over a decade of coaching and administrative experience. She has coached and played every division of NCAA basketball and is currently serving as a trainer for the Positive Coaching Alliance. She has a B.A. in Economics from Occidental College and a M.A. in Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University which speaks to the dichotomy of her analytically creative personality.

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Passionate about helping others find and use their voice, Asha has a keen ability to put herself in others' shoes and believes she can find a point of commonality with anyone.

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