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First Monday's

We are excited to change up our First Monday's for 2022!
This year we will shift to a book a month discussion time...
Our hope is to provide a place to learn and grow together through great conversations.  All of our books will be chosen based on how they include the topics of racism, justice, faith and hope. 

**Scroll down for past books and links to blog summaries** 

For our May 2, 2022 Meeting Register Below... You will receive a Zoom Link the day of...

Our book is: "So you want to talk about race...." 
by Ijeoma Oluo


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That was a wonderful read!  I (Debbie) am working on a blog post with my takeaways from the book and our discussion this past Monday.  To read the blog click on the button....  

Our March book is "White Awake" by Daniel Hill. 

"We must wake up to the ways that the narrative of racial difference played a major role in identity formation in the early days of our country, and to the ways it continues to play a dominant role in our sense of identity here and now.  One of the primary issues we must face, especially in this socio-political climate, is the need for white people to do the hard work of wrestling with what it really means to be white.... The narrative of racial difference does not land solely on people of color.  The narrative of racial difference has also profoundly affected white people.  But unlike people of color, most white people remain completely unaware of the ways this narrative has affected their sense of identity." 

                                                               Brenda Salter McNeil (from her forward included in the book)


March 7 @ 6pm PST

Our April book is "I'm Still Here"

by Austin Channing Brown. 

"This book is my story about growing up in a black girl's body...." 

I learn so much from Ms. Brown.  She has been instrumental in helping me see myself, and opened my eyes to understand that my experience of the world is not the same as everyone else's.  I have blind spots.  She helps me see them. I cried a lot reading this book...fair warning.  If your heart is soft to learn, and you are ready to place yourself under others to learn, then this is a book for you!

All of you is welcome to the discussion! 

Monday, April 11 

6pm pst

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